What Other Uses are There for a Selfie Stick?
Geeky Posted on July 6th 2015 By Kristina

What Other Uses are There for a Selfie Stick?

Although the "selfie stick" has become synonymous with gratuitous social media pictures while out and about, you might be surprised to learn that there are other uses for this device other than snapping a few shots of you and a group of friends. Let's take a closer look.

Smartphone Marshmallows

The age-old favourite around the campfire can be taken to a new level thanks to the use of a few well-placed marshmallows on the tip of your selfie stick. Of course, this is if you do not mind a bit of melted plastic in your delectable treat.

Fencing Practice

If you are a fan of this civilised sport, why not make it a bit more interesting? These sticks can be used as alternatives to a traditional fencing foil and if you really want to document your duel, why not place your smartphone on the end?

Personal Space Enhancer

Should you have a bit of social anxiety, grabbing a couple of these sticks can be a great way to ward off any strangers that may be approaching too close. By attaching your smartphone on the tip, you can even take a couple of snapshots for later review.

That Pesky Sock

All silly uses aside, these sticks are an excellent means to access items that may be difficult to reach otherwise. So, forget about getting down on your hands and knees to secure that phantom sock underneath your bed. Simply use the tip of the stick. The same holds true for clothes that may have fallen behind the washing machine.

A "Handy" Duster

If you are slightly nervous about climbing up a ladder to dust the high corners of your room, take advantage of the extended reach that the selfie stick will provide. Place a damp rag on the end and dust away to your heart's content.

Back Scratcher

There is nothing worse than a pesky itch on a hard-to-reach area of your body such as your middle back. If you find yourself in this rather awkward position, simply reach behind with the stick and satisfy your tactile needs with the plastic tip.

The banning of the stick

I imagine a lot of selfie stick manufacturers will be trying to promote new uses for their products very soon, especially as Disney has recently banned them from all parks.

Thought you could take one to Wimbledon this week? Nope, they’ve banned them too! I think the next gadget explosion will be add-ons for them, because very soon, attaching a camera phone will be the last thing you can do!

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