Some Father's Day Gifts You Just Can't Afford!
Geeky Posted on June 20th 2015 By Kristina

Some Father's Day Gifts You Just Can't Afford!

Father’s day can be difficult can’t it? Your dad already has everything he could possibly want (including the best kids in the world), so you really need to buy something that will stand out. Something that he’ll remember forever. Something that needs a mortgage to pay for…

Breitling Emergency

Every dad has surely heard of Breitling? They’re the company that makes the watch that can get you out of any sticky situation an adventurer might find himself in. You know, like stuck on Everest, or rafting down the Nile. Weekender stuff.

Their operation really is the stuff of spy novels. If you happen to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, you pull out two little capsules from the side of the watch which become antennae. This activates the beacon system which sends out signals on two bands for 24 hours.

But what happens next?

A lot of folklore has arisen around how these watches operate. I’ve heard stories told of helicopters being sent to rescue people from mountains and local militia extracting people from warzones. Unfortunately, the truth is, it’s just a homing beacon. It sends out a signal to tell monitoring stations that you’re in distress.

How it’s handled is up to the locals and the watch itself shouldn’t be solely relied upon. For example, if you intend to go fishing in rough waters, it’s best to tell the local coastguard. If you get into trouble and you activate your watch, you’ve got more chance of getting rescued quickly.

It’s a good looking watch though, and a snip at around £15,000!

You can read all about it and watch some actors being rescued at their website, here :

The Fisherman

Does dad like to fish? Think he’s probably bored of throwing his bait into the local canal? Think he could handle something a bit bigger?

How about the SunReef Sportfish?

Billed as “…the biggest luxury catamaran-yacht available in the fishing version in the world”, this catamaran has a displacement of 46 tons, runs on two 455 horse power engines (taking it up to 30 knots) and is an impressive 75 feet long.

You’re unlikely to see one sailing inland any-time soon, but if you can get it into open sea, this is the platform to be fishing from.

It comes complete with tuna tubes, fish box, shaved ice feed (no idea what that is), a bait preparation station, freezers and a whole lot more. It’s the one-stop-shop for fishing in the open sea, plus it looks incredible. I reckon it scares the fish right out the sea and on to your dinner plate.

The price? A mere three and a half million dollars. Small change, he’s worth it.

Want to buy one? Head over to here :,Power-Boat,43,75-sunreef-power-sportfish.html

Pretty sure they take American Express.

The Driver

All dads like a nice car. When asked, many will say their favourite is a Ferrari, or a Porsche or some other mass-produced rubbish like that. Pah! Mere toys!

How about the Hennessey Venom GT? Never heard of it? Let me show you…

Pretty huh?

The Hennessey Venom packs 1244bhp under that impressive looking bonnet and last year it hit a record 270.49mph. Unfortunately, it can’t qualify as the fastest production car in the world because only 16 have been sold. Not surprising at $1.2 million. At least that makes it more exclusive that your neighbours Bugatti Veyron and its tortoise-like 269.86mph.

Go buy one :

But hang on, why are we stuck on earth? Shouldn’t we be looking to the stars?

The Spaceman

If you really wanted an exclusive gift, then how about a trip with Virgin Galactic into space? Although there have been a lot of delays, Virgin still aim to begin commercial space-flight within the next few years and they’ve already built a space space-port.

Apparently the duty free shop stocks Toblerone.

Virgin Galactic intends to become the space-line for Earth, making it possible for anyone (with enough cash) to be free of the planet’s gravity.

And the cost of this? Oh yea. $250,000. A cool quarter million.

I guarantee that if you buy your dad one of these experiences, he’ll be on call every night from whatever party you’re at, anywhere.

Go sign your dad up here:

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