Say Goodbye to Boring Headphones with Bass Buds
Geeky Posted on September 10th 2015 By Andy Calloway

Say Goodbye to Boring Headphones with Bass Buds

When the Sony Walkman created the mobile music trend, it also kicked off the development of better headphones. Up until that point, headphones were big and bulky and for listening to classical music in private when everyone else was watching the TV.

However, even though the Walkman made a big difference to music portability and sound quality undoubtedly got better over time, they were still pretty dull. Even my incredible Porta-Pro headphones are just silver and black.

We’ve already covered how mobile phones changed things again with their in-ear solution which gets big sound in a little ear-bud. But when Apple kicked the market with the iPhone, everything just went white. Even now, if you have white headphones then they’re most likely plugged into an iPhone and if they’re black, it’s probably Android.

Enter Bass Buds

Bass Buds have been making waves in the earbud market for a while, and they appear to have taken it upon themselves to shake it up some more.

For example, the Bass Buds Envy in vibrant orange, green and yellow allow you to stand out from the crowd. With their genuine Swarovski Elements crystal sound technology, they’re also fantastic quality.

Not only that, they’re designed to work perfectly with whatever smartphone you have. The integrated microphone means you don’t have to remove them to answer a call, and the MP3 controller allows you to skip tracks easily.

So we say move on from boring whites and dull blacks and switch to a set of headphones that will give the best in quality and at the same time look great. 

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