​Keeping the Burglars Away: Simple Things to Deter Thieves
Advice Posted on August 5th 2015 By Andy Calloway

​Keeping the Burglars Away: Simple Things to Deter Thieves

If you are like most homeowners, you are always worried that your home may sooner or later become a victim of a burglar. You will, therefore, be pleased to know that there a few simple steps that can go a long way in thwarting the potential thief before he or she ever steps foot on your property.

The Canine Companion

It is no secret that a dog is the worst enemy of any burglar. Still, perhaps you do not have any pets or yours is nothing more than a diminutive Chihuahua. There is no reason that a burglar has to know this. Purchase a "beware of dog" sign that highlights an image of a larger creature such as a German Shepherd. The potential of being attacked will deter most thieves.


Another great way to passively increase the security of your property is by adding gravel onto a driveway or walkway. As anyone steps on these loose rocks, they will make a great deal of noise. This could alert you to their presence far in advance. Thieves will also avoid these areas.

Motion Sensors

Make sure to install motion sensors within your property. However, these should always be clearly visible from the exterior (preferably from the street). As there are few ways to avoid motion detectors, your home suddenly becomes less attractive of a target. It is also advisable to set up warning signs to highlight that your house is protected. A good warning is frequently just as useful as a great guard dog!


Most burglars will break into a home between ten in the evening and three in the morning. If you are concerned about this possibility or should you live in an area known for high crime rates, consider purchasing timers that turn a few lights on during these hours. Any lights activated should be clearly visible from the outside. Not only will it appear as if someone is up and about, but the exterior illumination is likely to make a burglar think twice before attempting to enter your perimeter.

Parking a Car in the Driveway

Most thieves will prefer to break into an unoccupied home; they hardly ever desire a confrontation with the owner. So, park a car in the driveway during the overnight hours or if there is a spare available when you head off to work. This is a silent way of saying "I am home and I am aware". If the vehicle is alarmed, this is even better. The thief will be afraid of setting off audible sounds and alerting the neighbourhood.

These are five low-cost and yet effective ways to help prevent a robbery. Although fancy monitored alarm systems, and neighbourhood watch groups are great, the fact of the matter is that some of the simplest methods can prove to be just as successful. As you home is a very real investment, it only makes sense to protect it while not spending thousands of pounds!

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