It’s Festival Season! Let’s Go Gadget Crazy!
Geeky Posted on June 26th 2015 By Kristina

It’s Festival Season! Let’s Go Gadget Crazy!

It’s Festival Season! Let’s Go Gadget Crazy!

For some people, the ideal festival is a weekend of mud, bad food and a lack of personal hygiene. Apparently there are showers at Glastonbury, although nobody I’ve met has ever used one. No, it’s an excuse to stick the place up and dance like crazy for a solid three days.

The only water some people will see during a festival is what falls from the sky or what has been brewed together with a quantity of hops. Tsk.

Gadgets, that’s what we need.

I intend to go to a festival this year, but I have a penchant for cleanliness. I absolutely must shave every day and my hair (as short as it is), must be washed each morning. No excuses. I also like good food, I simply cannot live on Pot Noodle, and I need to get a good night’s sleep. So I’ve set about creating the ultimate list of gadgets I will need so my weekends away are perfect.

Morning Shower

First off, the morning ritual involves a shower. You can’t rely on the ones at a festival, there are probably five between fifty thousand people, so I’ll be taking my own thankyouverymuch!

The Solar Shower from Cotswold Outdoor does the job nicely. Just fill up with water and hang it up, so it’s in view of the rising morning sun. Those lovely rays of brightness will warm up the water giving you a beautiful fresh morning wash all over!

Obviously if it’s cloudy and raining, you can just walk outside with a bar of soap.

Availability: Cotswold Camping

Morning Coffee

There’s nothing quite like waking up to a fantastic strong coffee after a night of throwing some shapes to the latest contemporary syncopated rhythms. Probably. But instant coffee just doesn’t cut it and walking all the way to the coffee shop isn’t my bag, until I’ve had a coffee!

Luckily there’s another way. You see, I always pack a good bag of filter coffee and one of these little beasties, an aeropress:

Pop in your pre-ground coffee, add the hot water and press down. Within 20 seconds, you’ve got yourself a cup of perfectly filtered joy!



Aeropress UK

Has Bean

Hmm, sausages….

Nothing like it, is there? But you don’t want to take all that cooking equipment with you, and you’ll already have a BBQ, assuming it’s the right type of BBQ, such as the Notebook BBQ:

This little beauty folds down completely flat meaning it can be packed away when not in use. Useful for cooking your hearty sausage sandwiches in the morning, your sausage sandwiches for lunch and maybe some sausage for dinner. Luckily you can get different flavours of sausage these days, some even have apple in them. 





Right, time to hit the festival proper, but where am I going to keep my beer? Of course, I could just buy it when I get there, but I don’t fancy paying £6 a pint, and I’ve bought a whole slab of my favourite cans.
But how do I hold them all?

That’s that solved then!



Who am I?

After a day at the festival, I tend to get back to the tent tired and unable to remember my name. It’s true, those heavy beats and the sound of guitar-based rock music has addled me. So how do I get my memory back?

Simple, I store some pertinent information in my LED Dog Tag!

Programmable with up to six messages, you can store your name, the location of your tent or maybe use it to attract attention at the bar.

Availability: Red5

That’s me ready then, off to Glasto!

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