How to reduce false alarms in your home security system
Advice Posted on December 16th 2015 By Andy Caloway

How to reduce false alarms in your home security system

Nobody likes it when alarms keep going off. It's especially galling when it's quite obvious that a cat is the culprit and nobody is going to shut it off soon. They upset the neighbours, annoy the locals and if you're connected to an automated response service, false call-outs could cost you money.

So how can you stop them?

Here's a list of common causes, and how to make sure they don't happen to you:


When the power goes off in the street, have you noticed that a lot of alarms start ringing? This is usually because of poorly maintained batteries, or none at all. Good alarm systems are designed to work through a power cut because, let's face it; in some places they can be an everyday occurrence. So, make sure your batteries are up to date and have plenty of power in them.


Got a cat? Cats get everywhere, and if you're not careful, they'll walk across your room and break the beam, setting off the alarm. It's essential that cats are kept out of alarmed zones, and if you're away for a while, get them looked after out of the house.

Doors and Windows Left Open

It's important to close all doors, including internal ones, especially if they lead to alarmed zones. And windows can cause all kinds of problems if they're not locked firmly each night or when you go out. You may have them open on the lock, but if a gust of wind picks up and blows something off a shelf, there goes your alarm again.

Motion detectors can be pretty sensitive, and it's not just people and animals that can cause them to trigger. Even typically inanimate objects can be pushed off their perch by a gust of wind.

Hanging Objects

This is a common one these days. Many people like to hang pictures, ornaments and, at certain times of the year, cards from the ceiling. Even if you think they're out of the way, when you leave the room and shut the door, the draft created can be enough to move them and set off your motion detector.

Faulty Equipment

Of course, if your alarm is always being set off and you can't find the cause, there's a chance you have faulty equipment, and, in this case, you should contact your local service centre immediately.

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