From ugly ducklings to contemporary Swann
Advice Posted on May 5th 2015 By ByteMyTech

From ugly ducklings to contemporary Swann

When George Orwell coined the term "Big Brother" in his 1948 novel, "Nineteen Eighty Four", he couldn't possibly have foreseen the massive technological strides that would turn his vision of surveillance into a reality.

Fortunately for the most part this hasn't resulted in the extremes that Winston Smith and his fellow fictional characters were subjected to, and in reality CCTV has universal application rather than being the sole preserve of some faceless dictator.People have debated invasion of privacy versus the security benefits of CCTV, but there's no denying the usefulness of this now-commonplace tool in crime prevention and detection, whether in the public domain or in private homes and businesses.

To change literary tack, dabbling in the early days of CCTV meant dealing with bits of kit that were functional but had all the aesthetic appeal and popularity of an ugly duckling. Clunky and bulky, with hard edges and unsightly cables in abundance, they tended to be an intrusion on the architectural or domestic landscape. But not only is CCTV now so much more sophisticated in its application and in what it can achieve due to advances in digital technology, its design features are also taking flight with the grace of a beautiful swan.

In fact Swann, a company whose strap-line is ‘Advanced Security Made Easy’, is a case in point. They offer a dozen stylish choices of wireless and cloud linked camera kits that are not only unobtrusive, but are also positively funky in their design - a welcome addition to any contemporary office or home setting. Think rounded edges, choice of colours, built-in microphones and of course no ugly wires.

Enjoying good design doesn't mean sacrificing functionality:

  • Although small; modern CCTV remains a visible deterrent to criminals
  • Linking to mobile technology means you can review footage via the internet and with your smartphone or hand held device, remotely
  • You can automatically be notified by email or push-notification on your smartphone of any activity or 'events' that the camera picks up
  • Wireless technology gives you the flexibility to easily reposition cameras
  • Cloud storage is possible, meaning there's no need to connect to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • You can expect sharp images and a long wireless range
  • Pan and tilt mechanisms ensure good coverage at your fingertips, using an app
  • Motion detection does away with the need for constant recording. Only unusual activity is captured
  • A video instruction guide takes you through the easy set-up process

Swann is the world's number 1 brand of do-it-yourself (DIY) surveillance and monitoring technology, having built up a track record since 1987.

Good design goes hand-in-hand with quality, as Swann's products carry a Lifetime brand promise.

If you are swimming against the tide with ugly old CCTV?

Why not make a splash with a beautiful current design?

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